Little Metropolis

Quality of life, safety and tolerance

Ljubljana will offer a high quality of life, ensure safety and tolerance of differences. The city, which will be open to investors and experts from all over the world, will acquire an ever greater global character and modern image. The city will draw its cultural diversity and build its unique identity from its location at the meeting point of the Romanesque, Germanic and Slavic cultures.

The migrational region of the city, which today includes 650,000 people, will reach the size of a metropolitan region. Ljubljana will become a melting pot of Slovenes and new incomers.

The State is to build an administration centre on an arterial road in the city, while a sports park for international sporting events is to be built in Stožice. The city’s university and research nature will be marked by the centre for the promotion of science in the framework of a new polytechnic and an expanded biological centre with a new natural history museum. Alongside Ljubljana Technological Park, a Hydrogen City will be built including a cluster of production and high-technology research activities.

New building in the city will mainly take place along new and rebuilt existing arteries, where sufficient public transport will be available. Further development will mainly be tied to railway lines, which will acquire new importance especially as a form of public transport in the metropolitan region. A railway line will be built to Ljubljana Jože Pučnik Airport, and the Gorenjska and Dolenjska railway lines will become twin-track.