International cooperation

Les Rencontres network

Since 1994 the City of Ljubljana has been a member of the European cities and regions for culture network LIKE with its headquarters in Lille. The network specialises in different cultural issues with regard to the development and implementation of local and regional cultural policies. The network, which until 2015 was known as Les Rencontres, has approximately 200 member cities and regions.

Network of cities of refuge for persecuted writers ICORN

In 2011 the City of Ljubljana joined the network of cities of refuge for persecuted writers (ICORN – International Cities of Refuge Network) and proven that it is knowingly following the path of big cosmopolitan cities, appreciates creativity and freedom of speech. The ICORN network was established on the initiative of Salman Rushdie and the International Parliament of Writers (IPW) in 1994 as an international network of cities offering refuge to writers at risk because of their artistic creativity and expression of opinions. The ICORN network includes over 50 cities from around the world. A city of refuge enables a persecuted writer to create a new social network in his new environment and ensures suitable working and living conditions. Since February 2016 Iraqi poet and human rights advocate Sameer Abdullah Sayegh is living in Ljubljana.

Eurocities network

In 2012 the Department for Culture in agreement with the Section for International Relations and Protocol started its cooperation with the Culture Forum of the Eurocities network. The main purpose of the meetings organised by the Eurocities network is the exchange of experience in different areas of cultural creation; the city hosting the meeting represents the best and current cultural practices. Ljubljana hosted the regular meeting of the Eurocities Culture Forum in 2015.

Ljubljana represented abroad

The Department of Culture, in cooperation with other departments of the City Administration of the City of Ljubljana, represents Ljubljana in different European cities. In the past years we presented Ljubljana in Budapest and Warsaw and at the Pula book fair. In 2017 Ljubljana Days are planned in Sofia, Prague, Belgrade, Moscow and Vienna.