Culture in Ljubljana

Ljubljana – city of culture

Welcome to Ljubljana – city of art, where cultural heritage and a rich cultural scene are the norm. To Ljubljana, a city awarded by UNESCO with the title World Book Capital 2010 and the title Ljubljana – UNESCO City of Literature. To a city marked by architect Jože Plečnik. To a city linked to the world renowned names in music: Beethoven, Hayden, Mahler. To a city famous for the statue of poet France Prešeren in its largest square.
As the Slovenian capital city Ljubljana is building its international identity on its rich cultural heritage and first-rate diverse cultural services. Ljubljana is a city of culture supporting all forms of diverse artistic creation and cultural participation in public interest with the aim of improving the quality of life of individuals, regardless of their sex, religion, material standing, education, social status or any other personal circumstances. It is a creative city where culture is closely associated with education, economy, tourism and other fields which are contributing to the material and spiritual prosperity of all its citizens and visitors.


Ensuring high-quality cultural services

The City of Ljubljana is the co-founder of 11 public institutes in the field of culture, it co-finances 49 public cultural programmes run by non-governmental organisations and each year it supports over 100 cultural projects. In addition, there are 18 public institutes operating in the city which were established by the Republic of Slovenia, the Republic of Slovenia Public Fund for Cultural Activities, the Slovenian Film Centre and the Slovenian Book Agency. Ljubljana also serves as creative space for numerous amateur cultural organisations. The City of Ljubljana is regularly co-financing projects of 137 amateur cultural organisations operating within the framework of the Public Fund for Cultural Activities, Ljubljana branch office.
A large share of cultural services in the area of the City of Ljubljana, which are either co-financed from the budget of the City of Ljubljana or the state budget, is not intended just for the residents of the City of Ljubljana, but instead for all Slovenian citizens coming to Ljubljana, and of course for foreign visitors. For the latter Ljubljana is representative of Slovenian culture, and culture undoubtedly plays a key role in co-creating Ljubljana’s image as a metropolitan, creative and open-minded city. Therefore the City of Ljubljana has an especially great responsibility to provide high-quality cultural services, and at the same time promote Slovenian cultural and artistic creativity.