District authorities

Participation in Decision - Making Processes

District authorities were established in 2001 as one of the forms of implementing the principle of subsidiarity and decentralisation. In 2007, the competences and tasks of distric authorities were expanded with the implementation of amendments to the Statute of City of Ljubljana, amendments to the Rules of Procedures of the City of Ljubljana City Council, and the adoption of the Decree on Financing District Authorities in City of Ljubljana. These regulations defined the tasks, procedures, and cooperation with City of Ljubljana authorities, participation in the decision-making on local matters, and certain criteria for financing the tasks and operations of district authorities.

Effective management of the city requires a tight integration of district authorities and the participation in decision-making processes. District authorities are included in the decision-making process by providing initiatives and proposals and through the cooperation with the City Council, the Mayor, and the City Administration. District authorities can also participate by providing suggestions and comments on the materials is being discussed by the City Council. The district authorities representatives can participate at the session of the competent working body and the City Council session, where they present the viewpoint of the district authorities. District authorities tasks cover all areas of operation within the local community.

The City of Ljubljana area consists of 17 district authorities, whose main tasks are:
• informing citizens about the matters important for the District Authority area,
• organizing cultural, sports and other events,
• implementation of various programmes in the field of sports, culture, community services, managing and protecting the environment,
• drafting plans of small works.

17 district authorities (DA) in Ljubljana

• DA Šiška (736ha, 35,329 residents)
• DA Bežigrad (724ha, 34,472 residents)
• DA Center (507ha, 25,884 residents)
• DA Moste (340ha, 21,752 residents)
• DA Polje (2,210ha, 20,382 residents)
• DA Trnovo (718ha, 16,832 residents)
• DA Rožnik (835ha, 16,756 residents)
• DA Dravlje (1,111ha, 15,672 residents)
• DA Jarše (906ha, 14,331 residents)
• DA Šentvid (1,583ha, 14,170 residents)
• DA Vič (1,438ha, 14,064 residents)
• DA Rudnik (2,548ha, 13,791 residents)
• DA Golovec (827ha, 12,185 residents)
• DA Črnuče (1,810ha, 11,593 residents)
• DA Posavje (905ha, 9,844 residents)
• DA Sostro (8,856ha, 6,874 residents)
• DA Šmarna gora (1,443ha, 4,988 residents)