Competitive Sport

Sports Clubs and Societies

In the field of large international competitions and events the City of Ljubljana facilitates the participation of its clubs in European competitions and other large competitions organised by international sports unions or associations and provides the conditions for organising large international sports events in Ljubljana. As the sustainable development aspect is important in the preparation and execution of large international competitions and events, these have to be carried out according to the Handbook for organising events in line with sustainable principles.

Sports clubs

We co-finance the programmes of sports clubs and societies in a total of 12 million euros annually, of which 7 million euros directly, whereas the free use of sports facilities in a scope of 220,000 hours represents an indirect contribution of 5.5 million euros annually. 

We also co-finance more than 100 coaches of youth sections in 21 sports. 

Professional Clubs

From 2009 to 2017, we dedicated approximately 12 million euros to professional clubs for their participation at international competitions and events. In addition, we also provide co-financing of the usage of facilities by professional clubs for their attendance at European competitions or other large-scale international competitions with an approximate value of 1.5 million euros annually. 

That way, clubs/societies or the authorities implementing the Annual Sports Programme are provided with the conditions for the organisation of largescale international sports competitions in the COL, thus allowing them to keep participating at European or other large competitions under the wing of international sports associations.

Ljubljana Once Again Hosts Large International Sports Competitions

With new infrastructure and improved conditions for sports and recreation, we are gaining recognition also in the international arena.

We have hosted large sports events, such as:

• Kayak and Canoe Slalom World Championships (2010),
• European Basketball Championship (2013),
• Judo World Championships Juniors & Teams (2013),
• world amateur cycling championship (2014) with participants from as many as 44 countries,
• Volleyball Women’s U23 World Championship (2017),
• Futsal Euro Championship 2018.

Odbojkarji ACH Volley Ljubljana Foto: Aleš Oblak.

Volleyball Team ACH Volley Ljubljana, photo: Aleš Oblak

International Four Cities Tournament

The Four Cities Tournament is an international sports tournament in which young athletes from Ljubljana, Zagreb, Budapest and Bratislava take part. Each year it is hosted by a different city. Its main aim is to bring together young athletes, who compete with peers on an international level, foster sports relations and friendships as well as make new acquaintances. This way young athletes in Ljubljana learn about life and culture of other cities and their peers.

The competition is held in the following sports disciplines: basketball / girls, volleyball / girls, football / boys, handball / boys, athletics / boys, girls and table tennis / boys, girls.