Sports in Ljubljana

A City of Sports

Sport Department of the City of Ljubljana was founded in July 2008. It takes care of the realisation of public interest in the field of sports by co-funding sports programmes, sports infrastructure of sports associations and public institutions, by coordinating sports programmes for children and adolescences, and by providing a quality public network of sports facilities.

Active, Healthy and Happy

In Ljubljana, we promote a varied and high-quality recreational and sports offer in an urban environment, in the nature, or at sports facilities owned by the City of Ljubljana or buildings constructed within public-private partnerships. Each year, the providers of the annual sports programme provide a free use of 150 sports facilities.

Public Institution Sport Ljubljana

Sports facilities in the City of Ljubljana are managed by the Sport Ljubljana Institution as well as primary schools, who significantly contribute to the implementation of the sports strategy in COL as well as provide the conditions for the implementation of the annual sports programme for more than 200 sports associations for a total of 240,000 hours of programme.

A creativity competition was used for the selection of the best poster for the promotion and  communication of sports in Ljubljana within the international festival Golden Drum 2016. We also strongly focus on the promotion of sports, locations of our big city family where sports activities are offered, as well as on larger and smaller sports events. The poster on the photo won the golden medal.

Marjan Rožanc Award

For highest sports achievement, we have been awarding the Marjan Rožanc Award since 1992. It can be granted to sports workers, athletes, sports coaches, and sports journalists for outstanding accomplishments in the past year or for their successful work over a longer period of time.