Central Slovenia

Where the alpine and karst landscapes meet

After you have seen the sights of Ljubljana why not explore beyond the city limits? Set off on trips off the usual paths and explore the yet undiscovered splendour of Central Slovenia.

The region that besides Ljubljana comprises 25 other municipalities is noted for its traditional hospitality, diverse nature, nice towns, castles, quality traditional restaurants and village churches with their rich artistic legacy.

The Central Slovenia is the place where the alpine and karst landscapes meet. Thus, various unique natural and cultural particularities were created. Some of these are the Ljubljana Marshes, an area of wetlands and peat bogs known for its prehistoric pile dwellers and for its rare animal and vegetal species, the high mountain plateau Velika planina situated in the Kamnik Alps, noted for being the oldest dairy herdsmen’s settlement in Europe, the mysterious forests of the Polhov Gradec and Posavje hills that abound with tourist farms.

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