Ljubljana public transport

Renewed city bus fleet

With a systematic modernisation we have enriched our fleet with 289 environment-friendly vehicles meeting the highest standards of EURO 4, EURO 5 and EURO 6 labels. With the acquisition of new buses LPP capacities have increased in the morning rush hours which is especially important for the busiest lines on which the new buses are operating. Transportation to Ljubljana with suburban buses is also ensured.
The arrival of new buses is also a solid step on the path to a comprehensive renewal of the LPP fleet, which we are going to keep updating in the coming years with annual acquisitions of buses of up to 10% of the fleet. This way we can replace all buses with engines labelled under EURO VI, which is especially important for maintaining a low level of emissions in the urban environment.

All city buses are low floor buses equipped with air-conditioning, most of them also equipped with ramps for the disabled. Their standard equipment is audio announcements of stops. In 2014, we introduced the option of bringing folding bicycles on the bus.

Sustainable development of the Ljubljanski potniški promet line network in Ljubljana and its surroundings 

In the past decade, we have been actively listening to our citizens and their wishes and thus implemented more than 60 changes to bus lines – by extending the lines, adapting them and introducing new lines, we have optimised the Ljubljanski potniški promet line network. The most successful change was the adaptation of line 18 in 2014, with the passenger increase of 467 %. It runs from Ljubljana Railway and Bus Station, past the Ljubljana Zoo to the Stožice P+R Centre. 

Urbana – Smart City Card

In 2009, we introduced the Urbana, a contactless card for the payment of fares on Ljubljanski potniški promet buses that allows riding and transfers within a 90-minute period. Urbana was first introduced on lines within the city and later also on integrated and intercity lines.

With Urbana, users can now also pay for on-demand rides with EURBAN, the funicular to Ljubljana Castle and tickets to all Ljubljana Castle events, parking fees at public parking spaces and P+R facilities, Ljubljana City Library services, as well as use it for renting bicycles in the BicikeLJ bike-sharing system. Urbana is used for public transport by an average of 560,000 users annually. Already in 2009, paying with the Moneta technology was introduced on buses (for rides without changing buses), however from 2014 on, users with smart phones with Android 5.0 or higher can install the mobile app Urbana, offering everything that the Urbana card offers.

Since 2015, users of parking spaces next to roads have been able to pay parking fees with the Urbana SMS parking system. Therefore users who decide to pay parking fees by sending SMS texts (topping up their balance at Urbanomat machines or Urbana selling points), no longer have to pay the fees at parking machines. 

  • The Urbana Smart City Card has, together with the bike-sharing system BicikeLJ, received the Information Strawberry Award 2012, i.e. the award for the best information society achievement.
  • The mobile app Urbana being truly user friendly and efficient is confirmed by the first prize at the MasterCard Transport Ticketing Awards competition in the category »Most Successful Mobile Ticketing Programme, which we received in 2014 in London.
  • In 2017, the Virgin international portal placed Ljubljana on the list of seven green technologies from all over the world, which may in the future put a green stamp on the way we live, work and travel, since we made a leap towards environmental protection in the field of traffic with the introduction of the Urbana Smart City Card.

5 Kartica Urbana

The new Urbana mobile application

In 2023, we presented the new Urbana application, with which we want to further improve the user experience for users of city services. The application is available in the online stores Google Play and App Store.

The most significant upgrades included in the new application:

• contactless validation near the validator on LPP buses via Bluetooth,
• top-up of credit directly with debit cards,
• purchase of time-based tickets,
• easy overview of the balance,
• access to information on all forms of urban mobility,
• route planning via a multimodal interface,
• bus ride payment for several people and several areas,
• easy notification of passengers with disabilities,
• opening gates when entering closed car parks and parking garages and contactless payment of the parking fee,
• contactless use of P+R parking services,
• overview of the history of rides, parking and top-ups,
• obtaining a virtual tourist card.

You can download the application here, it is available in Slovenian and English.

The integration of intercity bus lines from the suburban municipalities with city bus lines

By harmonising the Urbana payment system and by introducing regional zones, we enabled the integration of intercity lines from the suburban municipalities of Škofljica, Brezovica, Dobrova-Polhov Gradec, Medvode, Grosuplje, Ig and Vodice with the Ljubljana city lines. By a half lower prices of integrated lines, better connections through the entire network, well coordinated timetables, and connections to P+R facilities for an easier access to the city centre have contributed to a significant improvement in numbers of transported passengers in the aforementioned areas.

The achievements of teams of public company Ljubljanski potniški promet at the world championships of professional drivers:

• 2004, Croatia, team 2nd place
• 2010, Austria, team 3rd place
• 2014, Poland, team 1st place
• 2016, Finland, team 2nd place

Informing passengers

Since 2007, we have significantly improved the provision of information to our passengers on bus arrivals with LED displays, with audio, visual (LED) and video announcements of upcoming bus stops and the arrivals of buses in most of the vehicles, with online timetables and Google Transit services for route planning and the adaptation of the Ljubljanski potniški
promet website for smartphones.

22k2. slovenska cesta epaper LPP

Electronic paperless timetable displays on Slovenska cesta, which feature a minimal power consumption and have been used since 2015, are a very important acquisition.

Vehicle tracking

Twelve years ago, we implemented the system that reports the exact location of a certain vehicle, including its delay or if it is ahead of schedule. Since 2017, all city buses are equipped with the updated tracking system and the AVL technology (automatic vehicle location), which provides an even greater functionality. In addition to bus tracking and announcing bus arrivals, we can also monitor fuel consumption for individual vehicles, automatically transfer data on vehicles and drivers to the default Ljubljanski potniški promet systems, and transfer traffic information to other systems (PROMinfo or Google Transit and other apps for the announcement of bus arrivals).

Subsidised tickets

Subsidised city public transport tickets are available for the elderly, unemployed and people with disabilities. Every year, we allow students, who are the biggest group of city bus users, to travel free of charge in July and August by purchasing the monthly ticket for June

In September 2016, the IJPP project of the Ministry of Infrastructure introduced integrated student tickets in the entire Slovenia, so users can use the same ticket to travel on city, intercity and railway lines. 

Demand-responsive transport service

The demand-responsive transport service for people with disabilities, which we introduced in 2012, provided the accessibility of the public passenger transport to everyone. For a faster communication between the driver and the passenger, we have  introduced identification cards for persons with disabilities that allow the bus driver to quickly recognise the passenger’s disability and help him accordingly.

Yellow lanes

In 2013, we introduced yellow lanes on Celovška and Dunajska cesta, and prior to that also on Barjanska cesta and in 2016 on Slovenska cesta. After the introduction of yellow lanes, the bus travel times on lines that run along the aforementioned roads have been reduced by 3 to 5 minutes and the average bus speed has increased from 14km/h to 18km/h. Since the lane the bus is travelling on is always free, bus arrivals are more consistent with the timetables.


By train across Ljubljana

Travelling between different locations in Ljubljana is also possible by train which runs on the Ljubljana railway junction. For this purpose the company Slovenian Railways offers a daily or monthly city train tickets valid for an unlimited number of rides between 14 stations within the Ljubljana railway junction: Ljubljana, Ljubljana Zalog, Ljubljana Polje, Ljubljana Rakovnik, Ljubljana Vodmat, Brezovica, Ljubljana Tivoli, Medno, Ljubljana Vižmarje, Ljubljana Stegne, Litostroj, Ljubljana Črnuče, Ljubljana Ježica and Ljubljana Brinje.

Transport connections to Ljubljana

The established road traffic infrastructure allows easy access to Ljubljana and the Central Slovenia region, in addition to good railway and air traffic connections. Further information is available at:

  • Avtobusna postaja Ljubljana d.d. (Bus Station Ljubljana)
  • Slovenske železnice (Slovenian Railways)
  • Letališče Jožeta Pučnika Ljubljana (Ljubljana Jože Pučnik Airport)