Ljubljana 2025 Vision

A city with a vision

Ever since Slovenia gained independence in 1991, when the conditions and the concept of local self-government thoroughly changed, the demands for a new  spatial plan have been voiced. After a long period without any comprehensive spatial planning – the last comprehensive Long-Term Plan of the Municipalities and City of Ljubljana was adopted in 1986 – we drafted the vision of “Ljubljana 2025” in 2007, emphasising spatial and social values the city has been promoting ever since.

The “Ljubljana 2025” vision points out three guidelines for the development of the city:
• Ljubljana as the ideal city – Ljubljana will remain an attractive, people-friendly city full of greenery (75% of the city is covered by green areas);
•  Ljubljana as the natural city – we will provide direct access to open areas and the connectedness of the landscape system;
•  Ljubljana as the all-Slovenian metropolis – we will continue to promote safety and tolerance, strengthen diversity, and further improve the already high quality of living.

In addition to development guidelines, the vision also defined 93 tangible development projects. Many of them have already been implemented, most of the remaining ones are in various stages of implementation.