City of Ljubljana publications

  • A geological tour of Ljubljana

    The streets of Ljubljana are a unique geological museum in the open. Most important cultural monuments were built or decorated with natural stone. Ever since the ancient times, natural stone has been used to construct buildings, monuments and fountains. By combining stones of various colours, the prestigious character of buildings is emphasized.

  • Ljubljana. For you. 2007-2017

    "When in the autumn of 2006 together with my team we drafted a list of 22 projects prior to our first victory at the local elections and then developed a sustainable vision of Ljubljana 2025 at the beginning of 2007, it was hard to imagine that by now, almost 2,000 bigger and smaller projects aimed at improving the quality of living of the residents of Ljubljana would be implemented." Mayor Zoran Janković

  • Fot gender equality in Ljubljana

  • Challenges with addictions in Ljubljana