City of Ljubljana publications

  • Rainbow Ljubljana

    Rainbow Ljubljana is the seventh booklet in the Ljubljana – A Healthy City (Ljubljana – Zdravo mesto) series. It introduces an active and productive LGBT community in Ljubljana, supported by the Municipality of Ljubljana with financing various programmes. The booklet introduces different activities (sports, health, culture, social aspect) of the LGBT community in Ljubljana. The ten portrayed people share their views on Ljubljana alongside the contact information for LGBT organisations and their programmes.

  • Public Transport in the Ljubljana Urban Region

    Public Transport in the Ljubljana Urban Region.

  • Portrait of a City - Fabiani's Ljubljana

    Ljubljana – provincial city of the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy; Maks Fabiani and the birth of the modern national capital; Fabiani's heritage – condition and looking ahead, and a walk through Fabiani's Ljubljana

  • Portrait of a City - Emona

    A Roman Town between the Northern Adriatic and the Danube; Presentation of the Roman Town; Protecting and Displaying Emona's Heritage in Modern Ljubljana; A Walk along the Traces of Roman Emona

  • Portrait of a City

    Ljubljana: A Capital City; The History of Ljubljana; The Vision of Ljubljana, A Walking Tour of Ljubljana

  • Plečnik's Ljubljana

    The architect Jože Plečnik will always have a special place in Ljubljana; his vision, cultural mission, and artistic power placed Ljubljana alongside Vienna and Prague, where he began creating his finest works. In this publication, experts examine Jože Plečnik’s creations from various points of view and its importance for Ljubljana’s development, thereby paying tribute to his life’s work.

  • Ljubljana main street re-development

    Ljubljana main street re-development - Ljubljana City presentation on MIPIM 2013.

  • Ljubljana – Healthy City

    Social care and health protection programmes co-financed by the City of Ljubljana.

  • Ljubljana. For you. 2007-2017

    "When in the autumn of 2006 together with my team we drafted a list of 22 projects prior to our first victory at the local elections and then developed a sustainable vision of Ljubljana 2025 at the beginning of 2007, it was hard to imagine that by now, almost 2,000 bigger and smaller projects aimed at improving the quality of living of the residents of Ljubljana would be implemented." Mayor Zoran Janković

  • Ljubljana.For you.

    Five-year project report Ljubljana - European Green Capital 2016