A city that educates and evolves

Education and training

In the field of education, we aim to provide a system that offers a healthy, safe, stimulating and encouraging environment. A right to education is one of the fundamental human and children’s rights recorded in many international and national documents. In accordance with regulations, we provide a network of organisations and programmes for implementing a quality lifelong learning.

The achievements since 2007 in the field confirm that we have implemented excellent conditions for the optimal development of generations, so that they will be able to successfully cope with challenges of the present and the future, which was also one of the goals of our Education Development Strategy of the City of Ljubljana for the period 2009–2019.

We ensure a high-quality preschool and later education of all children as well as assistance to their families with raising and educating their children, we intensively update the network of public kindergartens and schools, and ensure varied and diverse programmes and activities corresponding to different needs of children and their parents. We strive to provide equal opportunities for education, in particular for children from socially less encouraging environments as well as for children, adolescents and adults with special needs. Our goal is upbringing focused on creativity, dialogue and tolerance.

In 2015, we designed and adopted the Strategy of City of Ljubljana for the Youth 2016–2025 with the quite obvious subtitle “Ljubljana – City of Young for Young”, in which we emphasise that young people are an important part of a creative, tolerant and friendly city.

Support to non-formal education in the field of youth holds a high priority in reaching our goals. Based on the principles, values and practice set out in the European Charter on Local Youth Work, we are developing a strong support to the network of youth centres and youth organisations carrying out activities for and by young people.

Enough places for everyone

For preschool and primary school education, we provide enough places for families to enroll their children in public kindergartens and of course enough places in primary schools near their home. Primarily, efforts are directed towards a quality public network of kindergartens and schools. In addition, more and more resources are used for the operation of private kindergartens, primary schools and music schools, whose number has been increasing over last few years. That way, we provide a free choice in the educational system.

Improving the infrastructure

In the City of Ljubljana, we responded to an increased number of births after 2006 with an intensive investment plan and provided enough space in kindergartens and schools, whereby we constantly perform demographic studies and assessments of the necessary capacities. When planning and building kindergartens and schools, we do not only follow the minimum standards for the space and equipment. With the help of creative architecture, we pursue the goal to make kindergartens and schools engaging for everyone and to represent an encouraging learning environment. Active inclusion of different stakeholders in the planning process ensures the optimum programme and usage, which is programme- and costeffective. For new constructions and adaptations of kindergarten and school facilities, we are known for the diversity, variety and innovativeness of our investment achievements. Furthermore, different solutions are without a doubt linked by high environmental and energy standards, which are, without exception, considered in the implementation of over 450 large projects. 

When it comes to education, we have finalised many investment projects – we have implemented 96 new groups in kindergartens and 101 new classes in primary schools as well as executed many adaptations and reconstructions of existing facilities and outdoor surfaces.

Satisfied with education

The research Eurobarometer EU 2014 showed that 87% of citizens of Ljubljana are satisfied with schools and other educational institutions, which ranked Ljubljana first among European capitals.

The young design our city

Ljubljana is a city with a young soul with over 58,000 young people between 15 and 29 years of age, which represents 18.8% of all residents. If we also consider the young people who live in the city temporarily, go to school in Ljubljana, or work in the city, the number of young people in the city increases significantly. 

Ljubljana supports courageous, creative and determined young people, who give the city its youthful energy and fresh ideas. At the same time, we care for young people with fewer opportunities. Therefore, we are strongly promoting the youth policy, which ensures the city’s development and progress in cooperation with young people.