Stationary traffic

P+R facilities

The P+R system (P+R stands for park and ride) is a combination of private and public transportation, which allows users to reach the main points on the city outskirts or the radial roads with their cars and continue their journey to the city by bus or a bicycle from the BicikeLJ bike-sharing system. By paying a parking fee of 1.20 euros, the P+R system users are
entitled to two bus rides until 11:59 pm of the same day. This way, the number of cars in the city centre is reduced.

In Ljubljana, there are six P+R facilities that operate within the P+R system:

  • P+R Dolgi most  
  • P+R Barje
  • P+R ŠRC Stožice 
  • P+R Studenec 
  • P+R Ježica 
  • P+R Stanežiče

In cooperation with the neighbouring municipalities, Urbana payments are also possible at three other P+R facilities.

Public company Ljubljanska parkirišča in tržnice manages public car parks (including the P+R facilities), parking garages (Kongresni trg, Kozolec II), and truck parking areas. 

Already in 2007, the public company Ljubljanska parkirišča in tržnice website launched an app which provides users of parking spaces managed by the company with the information about their occupancy. In 2015, the app was upgraded with the option of renting parking spaces and with the information on any waiting times.

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Parking payment machines. Photo: Nik Rovan

Free parking and transportation with city buses during major events

Visitors of major events can use city buses free of charge for three hours before and after the event by submitting the event ticket featuring the Ljubljanski potniški promet logo. In the vicinity of the Stožice Sport Centre, visitors can use COL car parks free of charge two hours before and one hour after the event. 

Parking for private vehicles, buses and caravans

Our parking policy gives priority to parking in the vicinity of healthcare, supply, educational and other public services while limiting parking in the city centre. The practice to date shows that certain order in stationary traffic can be established with the introduction of traffic payments which are harmonised with the responsible District Community and numerous other stakeholders. Parking in Ljubljana in managed in zones. Above all the use of the P+R system is promoted. Payment of the parking fee can be made with the smart city card Urbana, Urbana SMS-Parking service or the Urbana mobile application

Parking for tourist buses in Ljubljana is provided in seven parking lots, with 90 available parking spaces on the side of the street, 13 of them short-term. For exact locations click here.

More about parking in time restricted parking zones, parking prices, parking locations, P+R facilities and parking for motorcycles, tourist buses, caravans and cargo vehicles is available at the webpage of the parking management service – the public company Ljubljanska parkirišča in tržnice d.o.o.

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Photo: Pexels

Parking spaces for motorcycles

  • 9 parking spaces in Levstikov trg,
  • 8 parking spaces on Beethovnova ulica,
  • 6 parking spaces on Cankarjeva,
  • 2 parking spaces on Miklošičeva cesta,
  • 7 parking spaces in Vodnikov trg,
  • 7 parking spaces on Gosposka ulica,
  • 10 parking spaces on Vegova ulica,
  • 10 parking spaces on Gruberjevo nabrežje,
  • 8 parking spaces on Breg,
  • 7 parking spaces on Adamič-Lundrovo nabrežje,
  • 7 parking spaces in the Trg mladinskih delovnih brigad parking lot,
  • 2 parking spaces in the Trg prekomorskih brigad parking lot,
  • 2 parking spaces in the Kozolec parking house.