City of Ljubljana

In the past 10 years Ljubljana implemented over 1.800 projects to further increase the quality of life. Among these there are a few long-awaited projects that were not realized during the stagnation time. Ljubljana’s extraordinary development is felt at each and every step. The city is marked by a diverse high-quality cultural and numerous sports events for all generations.

Ljubljana is also distinguished by its well preserved and easily accessible natural environment, great biodiversity and varied landscape. It is precisely because of the vicinity of the preserved nature and the intertwinement of the built and natural environment that the Ljubljana Urban Region is unique among European metropolitan regions.

Numerous public space re-arrangements have greatly contributed to the higher quality of life and brought in numerous international expert recognitions. All these accomplishments have put Ljubljana on the world map and strengthened its recognizability which is above all reflected in the interest of the international public and the beauty of the city.