Department for Real Estate



  • carries out tasks for the acquisition of real estate assets and for the management of all MOL’s real estate assets,
  • carries out tasks of managing the land, commercial buildings and premises that MOL rents, commercial buildings and premises used by the City Administration and MOL’s other bodies and holiday housing for the needs of MOL’s staff, other than those for which other bodies of the City Administration are competent,
  • carries out tasks for the land registry management of all real estate assets,
  • carries out tasks for MOL’s real estate policies and tasks connected with equipping the land,
  • carries out tasks for the determination of the status of public assets and built public assets,
  • ensures data for the management of the cadastre of commercial public infrastructure which is being built in the framework of equipping the land for construction,
  • plans the construction of replacement buildings in connection with the acquisition of and equipping built land with the necessary infrastructure,
  • carries out tasks of calculation and billing for the use of built land and asset taxation in Ljubljana,
  • calculates and bills charges for waste management,
  • carries out tasks for compulsory purchase, limitations and encumbrances of land for the needs of pubic benefit,
  • ensures the carrying out of geodesic work needed for regulating real estate in Ljubljana and co-operates with state bodies in the carrying out of geodesic work within state competences,
  • leads procedures for the execution of legal rights of first purchase,
  • keeps records of real estate in MOL’s ownership.